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Thread: Black Canyon Hill_Near Prescott, AZ

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    Default Black Canyon Hill_Near Prescott, AZ

    At this web page- I read about Black Canyon Hill; "Black Canyon Hill - Once a dangerous spot on the old stage road, numerous holdups took place here. Some of this ill-gotten cache is said to be buried in the area. Black Canyon Hill is located 38 miles south of Prescott on Highway 49 "
    I couldn't find BCHill or Hywy. 49 out of Prescott.
    Does anyone know of this place ? I'll be visiting Arizona in the spring and would like to look around.

    Thank you.


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    One Black Canyon Hill is just south of Sunset Point on I-17.

    There's another about 4 mi NE of the Prescott Muni airport.

    There's another about 3 mi S of Flores - 42 mi SSW of Prescott - this may be the one you're looking for. This one is also known as "Black Hill".

    But hwy 49??? Never heard of it around here. It's more like Hwy 89. That is very close to Flores and Black Hill.

    The Black Hill off of I-17 is getting some press lately because ADOT is blasting the hill to make the slope safer. Google it and I'm sure you can come up with a map.

    Might be a good time for a treasure hunt
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    Black Cyn is just a few miles north from Black Cyn city on 17. I think this must be the place as it is famous in AZ history for the many stage robberies there.

    Black Cyn hill, (from AZ place names);

    "On the old stage road, Prescott to Phoenix, about 35 miles east of Prescott. The actual Black Cyn was about 10 miles long and was on Bumble Bee. At Gilette it opened out onto the flat country near the junction of New River & Agua Fria. 'Black Cyn Hill' was a one way grade. Drivers waited for each other at certain turnouts, they blew their horn as a warning of their coming."

    Let us know if you find gold.

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