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Thread: oregon town of no-fog?

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    Default oregon town of no-fog?

    Originally posted by joe

    : i was wondering if any knows of the whereabouts of a oregon ghost town called no fog, i beleive it was located near the little river or cavitt creek area of douglas county somewhere near the china ditch. any information will be greatly appreciated. thank you

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    I know right where No Fog is located, I've stood on the main street. I'm the campground host at Cavitt Creek Campground, and No Fog is less than a 1/4 mile from the park.

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    Oregon Geographic Names, 6th Ed:

    "Douglas County: Nofog post office bore a strictly descriptive name. It was on the upper reaches of Cavitt Creek about due east of Roseburg. Nofog post office established June 7, 1915, and Hezekiah J. Robinett, the first and only postmaster, named the place because of the clear atmosphere. The office was discontinued Feb 28, 1918. The compiler has an interesting letter by Victor Boyd of Roseburg, written in Feb. 1948, about his experience teaching school in 1903-04 in a log building on the Cavitt place. Except for the window sash, floor, desks and seats, the whole school building was hand split from cedar logs. Mr. Boyd writes that at one time eight of the seventeen pupils were from the family of S.W. Turnell. Robinett later bought the Turnell home. In 1984, Winona A. Sellard, a granddaughter of Robinett, send the writer a letter telling of her visits to Nofog where her family used the abandoned schoolhouse as a hunting cabin. She enclosed a snapshot of the old building."

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    I didn't realize it was that close. I was there when I was about 5 and have subsequently looked for it the last couple years. I did find it on a map after I left the area. I remember an old cabin that had largely fallen down, and some kitchen utensils. I believe that the forest service bulldozed it but could be wrong.

    Dan Henke

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